White box AI.

The difference between explained & unexplained results.

White box AI in a nutshell

black box + apps = white box

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Machine Reasoning

Cognitive AI

Black Box

If white box AI is a bicycle, black box AI is the frame.

Black box AI is the brains behind the operation. Using your data, it processes millions of data points in seconds. But, black box results without applications — like a bike frame without accessories — is useless.


Once you add wheels, a bicycle starts to emerge. With apps, explainable insights emerge from your data.

What we're working on now.


Cardiac Diagnosis

est. $50 billion market

Early drug trials

est. $20 billion market

Financial Services

Loan fraud & late pay detection

est. $25 billion market

Real Estate

Real property valuation

est. $20 billion market


Human behavior & education

est. $30 billion market

What we're working on next.

Warehouse Logistics

Improve warehouse design


Infuse operations

Business Process

Task Augmentation

Machine On-boarding

Reduce downtime

Science Experiments

Learn from failure

Product & Service Design

Improve overall design

White Box

Useful & understandable results.

When fully assembled, a bicycle suddenly makes sense & it’s purpose is revealed — efficient movement. White box AI, the product of black box AI + apps, makes sense of your data by providing understandable and explainable results.