AI neural network for intelligent decision making.

Finally, Broadway has intelligent insights about their audience, which leads to smarter decision making about advertising & other areas of potential revenue.

The problem

Industry stakeholders are not aware of the true profile of a theatregoer. As a result, marketing budgets are bloated and unfocused on results-based marketing initiatives. Theatre revenues are hitting a wall. Premium seats were introduced over eight years ago and now instead of the first 15 rows, they can now consume the majority of the seats in the theatre. Yet, the number of seats are not increasing and therefore, revenues are stagnating. Shows are getting more costly to produce, yet the failures continue to outweigh the successes 8:1. A show that once cost $5-$7 million could now cost as much a $10-$12 million or more. The bottom line; producers that dump money into these shows continue to rack up losses. The ticketing industry has not shared any viable data on their audiences, not allowing productions to get smarter.

AI solution

Over a seven-month period, AI.io built and delivered a neural network that leverages quality, industry data to result in intelligent decision making about productions and potentially new revenue opportunities.

Targeted results

Empower directors, producers, ticket seller, theatre owners, agencies, and industry stakeholders by connecting show content with audiences directly. Increase ticket sales and ticketing revenue. Provide unique data insights that enable show management teams to make intelligent production and profitability decisions and free them to focus on creative skills that can bring productions to the stage that will attract large audiences.

The business of theatre continues to operate the same way over the past 50 years. The audience is changing, and it can be argued that it is growing, but revenues are beginning to hit a wall. Where data should be driving production decisions, it has not been made available to industry stakeholders, so the creative process of the business remains to be guesswork and as a result, failures continue to outnumber successes 8:1.

The neural network explained

Cognitive AI

Leveraging the computing power of cognitive AI, our neural network has the capability to sift through volumes of data at scale and enrich it to provide unique, cognitive insights that will unleash new levels of performance for all shows by helping to make more accurate production decisions.

Audience insights

Data from social networks, blogs, and review sites allows the neural network to learn about and create profiles on the audience demographic.

Establish trends

Our cognitive AI identifies tone, sentiment and personality of the tens of millions of social media posts to establish and determine trends.

Identify consumers

By identifying actual ticket buyers, we allow productions to market directly to those most likely to purchase tickets through extreme personalization.

Create marketing strategy

The proper advertising & marketing strategy is outlined to successfully reach theatergoers by removing the guesswork & tightening up marketing budgets to focus on revenue producing tactics that accomplish results.

Predict success

Based on 127 years of historical data points, we confidently predict the likelihood of a show’s success and its ability to sell tickets.